Motorola Defy, GOOD but BAD:(

17 Dec

I like smartphones:) But I also like extreme sports, hanging out in the wilderness, climbing, falling and so on.

So, I was looking a smartphone that could take some damage. In the middle of October I noticed this model: Motorola Defy and I knew I want it. 

It had all the needed features (that where important for me):

  • Tough - water, dust and shockproof
  • Quite good camera
  • Quite good sound quality for music
  • Very good screen, even in daylight
  • Good battery (for smartphone)
  • Android OS

So, when it came available in Europe in the middle of November, I right away bought it.

When it arrived, I was very happy. It was more than I expected. Beside the previous points there where even more:

  • Fast
  • Cool touch buttons
  • Slim and smooth
  • And fast;)

Felt like best phone ever...


After 2 days of moderate usage the earpiece failed. The sound started to crackle and then it disappeared at all. In speakermode and via handsfree it is still ok but the MOST STANDARD WAY OF CALLING it is broken:(

I googled a bit and it turned out that there are thousands of people are around the world with same problem (and counting). Seems to be that Defy has some kind of manufacturing defect.

From the support forum it seems that Motorola is dealing with that problem but not in very active manner. And in each day there are more and more people with same earpiece problem:


So, otherwise super awesome lifeproof Motorola Defy (and I am not sarctastic now, I really like the phone) cannot even survive moderate 2 days use...

...and thats BAD

Right now I am about to send my phone back to seller:(



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